1st YearEdit

Please write an essay about the Hover Charm. Explain it's uses, incantation and wand movements. Also, write a role-play where you use that spell.

2nd YearEdit

Explain the uses of the Movement Arresting Charm. Write Uses and how it can help us in daily lives. Write the wand movement and the incantation as well as a real world example. Include a short role-play of you using it.

3rd YearEdit

Give full (but it dosn't have to be long) definitions, incantations, wand movements and roleplays on the following Charms:

  • Summonig Charm
  • Cheering Charm
  • Confundo
  • Mobilicorpus

4th YearEdit

What is the Flying Charm? What does it do to objects? Give the incantations and wand movements. Also, write some information about the Fidelius Charm. Explain it's uses and how it's whole system works.

5th Year (Yes, it is a lot of work, but you need to be ready for your O.W.L.S.)Edit

Protective Charms

  • What are Protective Charms? How does Protective Charms work? Do they repel, counter or vaporize a spell? How can you use a protective charm in a duel?
  • Can Protective Charms be combined? Give a good combination of Protective Charms. Also, how does the quality of a protective charm imply? How strong can they be? Can they last permanently and needs a counter spell to be destroyed or do they exist in a certain count of time?

6th YearEdit

What is the Undetectable Extension Charm? At what things are they available to be applied? Give the wand movement, incantation, and a basic description of what the Undetectable Extension Charm is.

7th YearEdit

Write an essay about the Patronus Charm. Be sure to include non-corporeal Patronuses.