History of Florence "Alice"Edit

Florence "Alice" Alexandra Solo is a Ravenclaw 3rd year.

Alice-mia-wasikowska-in-alice-in-wonderland vf

Alice studied 2 years in Beaubatons and this year transferred to Hogwarts. She is British Muggle-Born who attended Charm School as a young child. The Charm School made her proper and more girly, but then she rebelled against her mother and father and acted more normal and less girly.

Though she can still rip through and fight at times. She has a white bunny named Bernadette. She wears her Hogwarts robes but on afternoons and days off she wears a blue dress like in her picture with black leggings and converse.

She doesn’t like her birthname Florence Alexandra Solo, so she calls herself Alice Solo. Through the summer holidays she lives in Hogsmeade and works at Madam Puddifoot's Tea Shop where she is a server. With the money she makes through Hogsmeade and Summer Holidays, she sends her parents treats from Honeydukes such as Crystallized Pineapple,

Her patronus is a rabbit. Her favorite Muggle candy is Sherbet Lemon, Pear Drops, and Meringues.

She excels in Potions and Divination. She is also Ravenclaw's Seeker


  • 1 sealed vial of Felix Felicis
  • Money
  • Berrnadette, her rabbit
  • 3 Ravenclaw Robes
  • School Uniform
  • Packages of Muggle Sweets from parents including:
    • Sherbert Lemons
    • Pear Drops
    • Meringues
  • Wand, Holly and Unicorn hair