The Hogsmeade Post Office is a building in the village of Hogsmeade that houses at least 200-300 owls, ranging from Great Grey Owls to tiny Scops owls, hooting from colour-coded shelves. The shelves are colour-coded based on how quickly they will arrive at their destination.

Letters and PackagesEdit

If you want to send an owl to your friend, relative, professor or anyone else, feel free. You are welcome to send ether packages or letters, or both.


Would you like to owl-order some clothing, a wand or any other equipment? Then just send an owl to your chosen shop.

Send a messageEdit


To send a request to a shop, name your forum post: Forum:CHARACTER NAME to SHOP NAME ― Request for ITEM and replace

  • CHARACTER NAME with your character's name
  • SHOP NAME with the shop name
  • ITEM with your requested item.


To send a message, name your post: Forum:CHARACTER NAME to CHARACTER NAME 2 and replace

  • CHARACTER NAME with your character's name
  • CHARACTER NAME 2 with the name of the character you're sending to

To send a reply, just type Re: Title and replace Title with title of the message sent.


Is your message or package ready? Good.

We will weight the letter or package, and look at how far it will have to go. They we will pick which breed of owl, and then which individual owl would be best for that flight. For large packages, multiple owls might be necessary. We will then inform you about how long it will take for for the owl to get to it's destination (keep in mind that it will take at least twice that long for you get a reply). We are able to predict how long the flight will take much more reliably the closer the destination is.

Once the owl(s) are picked we will get them ready for their flight while you pay. Then, you can go out into the courtyard out back and watch the owl(s) take flight.


Messages SentEdit