Madina Black is a pure-blood Ravenclaw who is shy but strong. She has a

Madi in her 6th year

beautiful singing voice. She sounds like the singer in the band Florence and the Machine. She has belived she is the granddaughter of Helena Ravenclaw. She is very pretty, smart, and shy. She was born at Wool's Orphanage and later her single mother died, Her father never knew of Madi and killed himself when he knew. Madi stays at the Leaky Cauldron through the summer holidays. Her wand is Ash and phoenix feather and is 14 inches. When she leaves Hogwarts she wants to be a wandmaker or a potioneer. Madi is a prefect and spends all her free time in the prefects bathroom soaking away her worries. She is gifted at making Love Potions (Amortiena). She is very sensitive and often cries alone in the prefects bathroom over life and then plunges underwater to calm herself then soaks away. Her boyfriend is Brandon Ledon who is a Ravenclaw and he is also a prefect alongside her. Her Animagus is a white wolf and her patronus is her boyfriend Brandon's Animagus of a Stag. She is Ravenclaws Keeper and Captian.