2006Jan27 PrefectBathroom3

Interior of Prefects Bathroom

This is the prefects’ bathroom. To get here, you must tickle the pear on the fruit picture. You walk in and see mountains of bubbles and hot water while shots of colored soap spring through faucets. But be aware, If your not a prefect, Quidditch captain, or someone with permission . . . Be very quiet. . . . . .


No running

No drowning you or other characters

No vandalizing

Talk PageEdit

  • Madi Black: *Plunges into water* "Where is Brandon?"
  • Brandon Ledon: "Here I am!"
  • Madi Black: "Shut up before a teacher hears us!"
  • Brandon Ledon: *Gets in to water* "Fine..."
  • Madi Black: "Thank you!"
  • Brandon Ledon: *Kisses Madi*