Sorting HatEdit

Use this link, become sorted and then write you role-play characters name and house below.

Do the quiz as your character.

We used to use this ( quiz, but they took the quiz off their website.

We now use this ( quiz. It is a Muggle test (we are looking for a better one, but we are using that one for now), so please skip questions 5 and 6. If you character would use magic to respond to question 3, then it is ok to skip it, too. But if you can, please try to answer number 3. The more information they have, the more accurately you will get sorted. Please skip numbers 11 and 25 as well. However, if your character is Muggle-born, and you want to, you are welcome to answer questions number 5, 6, (3,) 11, and 25.

It you sorted with the old quiz, that is ok. You do not need to re-sort.


Bella "Vodka" Blake—Slytherin

Binah Valet—Ravenclaw

Brandon Ledon—Ravenclaw

Emily Welch—Ravenclaw

Florence "Alice" Solo—Ravenclaw

Kira Light—Ravenclaw

Lavender Issac—Gryffindor

Lorelei Hartzell—Hufflepuff

Madi Black—Ravenclaw

Vivianna LeBlanc—Hufflepuff

Dove Jazmine Culley