Where did everyone go? I looked around and, here's the best I could figure out:

At one time, there were 3 users here: Merrieberrie10, Jasmine Campbell, and GabbieStewart (who created this wiki). Then, for some unknown reason, they all left. The most recent post was from GabbieStewart, on January 2nd, 2012.

I joined the wiki on February 28, 2012. 57 days to late.

There are a few A Wiki User edits. I don't know if someone came on, of if it was just me forgetting to log in. I know that there was some wiki user who commented on Brandon's page, but if they were interested in staying, they would have made a account, and there is no other evidence of them, so they probably left.

Why did everyone leave! What happened!? This seamed like a great wiki! Please, someone, come back!

Hello? Gabbie? Merrie? Anyone? Can you hear me? PLEASE! SOMEONE! ANYONE!

Jasmine Campbell, your are an admin! Admins should come one and make sure everything ok.

GabbieStewart, you say on your page you roleplay Madi often. Come on and roleplay her!

Latest Posts

  1. A Wiki User (if that's not just me) last posted on March 17, 2012 and it was a comment.
  2. GabbieStewart last posted on January 2, 2012 and it was a comment.
  3. Jasmine Campbell last posted on December 31, 2011 and it was a talk-page message.
  4. Merrieberrie10 last posted on December 30, 2011 and it was a comment.

Some of this might seam a kind of rude. For that I'm very sorry. I'm not mad at anyone and I don't want to be rude to anyone. I'm just confused and lost and a little scared.

This might be stupid of me, but I do believe, or maybe it's more that I want to believe, that you guys will come back on. In the mean time, I will continue to work on this wiki. I made dorms and common rooms for genders and Houses that didn't have one. I made Flourish and Blotts, and I worked hard and finally cracked the code of Hogwarts Textbooks (look on the comments for the lists I made).

I would like to continue to make more Diagon Alley shops, and I would also like to make Wool's Orpanage. I will continue working to make this wiki (I hope!) better.

I honestly hope that someday you will all return and we will all roleplay here, at the HogwartsSchool Role Play Wiki, together.