"Who cares about bloods, it all runs through our bodies keeping us alive. Muggle-born or Pure-Blood like me! I DON'T CARE!"- Vivianna yelling at a Slytherin for making fun of a Muggle-Born


Vivianna's parents both fought in the Battle of Hogwarts and prior to


such she was born. Instead her Granmother Trinnessa Malchi brought her up. She got sorted into Hufflepuff and almost Gryffindor. Her parents left her a lot of possessions through there will. Her mother was a extordianer potions brewer her father was a excellent Alchemst. Her mother had an Animagus of a quail and her father's was a frog. Her father went to Durmstrang but transferred into Hogwarts during his 5th year. Then 4 years later they got married, then Vivianna came along. And 2 days after, her Mother and her father died in a car crash leaving baby Vivianna with her mother's and father's last words, "You are a gift, but came with no price," said her father. Her mother said, "You are special." Vivianna still has nightmares. Her mother had red hair and Minga ripped a piece off at her wake and mended it onto Vivianna's head of hair when she was 5. She loves rabbits and when she was 7 in school a rabbit came into the school-yard and she spoke to it. Cruel people call her the "Rabbit-Hearted Girl" over her obsession. She wants her Animagus to be a rabbit. Her patronus is also a rabbit.

Vivianna has blonde hair with a strip of red belonging to her mother mended into her head. She has large jade-creame eyes, she always does her hair up. She wears a choker her mother gave her on he will.

A Reason for Each PotionEditEdit

Hellebore Syrup: Her mother strangley washed her hair with it. All her remaining bottles went to Vivianna.

Leeche Juice: Her father on New Years Eve would drink an entire bottle to celebrate.

Murtlap Essence: The day Vivianna was born, her mother spilled this all over her, the bottle was saved and given to her.

Phoenix Tears: Her Mother and Father spent all the money from there wedding to buy this. Only a quarter of it remains.

Pomegrante Syrup: Her Mother and Minga Redarte, Vivianna's godmother would sit down by the lake they called "Mellecheia's Creek" and drink bottles of it.

Strengthening Soulution: When her mother found out she was dead at the age on 21 with one child she gave it to her with a note saying "To strengthen your heart when you feel my loss." Only a drop remains. It was mysterious to Vivianna to find it packed away in her stuff.


  • Minga Redarte-Godmother and gaurdian.
  • Violet Redarte-Godsister and best friend
  • Sphinxina Redarte-Godsister
  • Parents-Died when she was three days old, never will know them
  • Trinnessa Malchi-Granmother


Bunny: Quibbia

Owl: Crispa

Pygmy Puff: Fifia