Wool's Orphanage is a Muggle orphanage.


Wool's orpanage 1920

Our old location

In 1990, our we moved to our current location. The building at our old location was torn down and an office block was built it it's place. It was a very old building and we are much better off at our new location.





Each child gets their own room, unless they are biological siblings and wish to share a room. We furnish each room with a wardrobe, bed, 2 chairs, and a small desk. The children are welcome to decorate the room in anyway they chose (within reason), provided it dose not damage the room.

All children 5 years and older are sent to public school. We provide all school supplies and help with homework. The children are expected to complete their assignments and study. We are always willing to help them or to arrange tutoring if they need it.

We provide clothing. It is basic, functional clothing, not fashionable clothing. That said, the children are always allowed to buy other clothing with any money they earn.

We allow the children to keep pets, within reason. We are able to give them a small sum of money for pet supplies, but they often have to earn some money themselves. We arrange rooming with any pets in mind (for example, we wouldn't put a girl with a pet rabbit next door to a girl who is allergic to rabbits, or a child with a pet lizard next to a child who is afraid of lizards).

Each year, we take the children on a trip in the summer. We go to the countryside, or the mountains or the sea or such.


We have a small room set of for delivering babies. We will take in pregnant young women who refuse to go to hospitals in order to stay anonymous. One of our staff is trained as a midwife. We are willing to care for and raise the infants if the mother is unable or unwilling to. We have high mortality rates, but we still sometimes lose a mother or infant.